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- We make a separate documentary video for all the different diseases and health topics. This means that for every major disease and health topic we have a specific documentary video that features the very best information from our hundreds of hours of lectures from the world's top medical doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, professors, scientists, researchers, and authors.

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- In summary, we create over 50 Health Documentaries featuring the most important health information from over 100 health experts from our 2021 and 2022 conferences. We carefully go through all 350 hours of the conferences to find the most life saving information and put those highlights into these documentaries by topic, so you can get all the benefit in a fraction of the time

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It's just not possible for most people to watch every single word of all 210 hours of this year's conference, plus hundreds of hours more from last year's conference and the years before. Even if you desired to do all of that, it’s not something you really have the time for, but if you don't, that would mean you're likely to miss critical information that's important to you.

This is why we created The Premium Membership because when you join The Real Truth About Health's Premium Membership Club, we do all the watching for you and get you the exact information that you need.... fast. A trained team of video editors meticulously extract the most critical data from all of these lectures and all of these videos so that we can specially produce new documentary videos that give you all the most important lifesaving information in the shortest amount of time possible. 

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